Sell us Your Vehicle

Cherry Creek Automotive will purchase your vehicle today! We have many satisfied clients that have chosen to sell us their vehicles over the years. Stop by anytime during business hours for a quick and easy appraisal of you car, truck, van or SUV.

Our process is simple...

  • We inspect and test drive your vehicle.
  • We use tools that give us a good idea of the market on your vehicle, these include books and guides, history reports, wholesale and retail comparable vehicles, auction results, our own experience with similar vehicles.
  • The entire process takes only about 15 minutes before we present you a fair actual cash value for your vehicle.
  • If you have the title, we can pay you immediately. If the bank has the title, we can facilitate the payoff and pay you any equity or collect any negative equity balance from you and clear your loan.
  • Please bring your title, registration, any payoff information, your Identification, and all books/keys/records you may have retained.
If you have any questions about selling, consigning, or trading your vehicle, please feel free to call us at Cherry Creek Automotive

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