Sell Your Car / Vehicle Consignment

Cherry Creek Automotive of Denver can help you sell your car or trade-in your used car or truck! We make the vehicle consignment process easy – just fill out the form below to determine the value of your car. We pay fair market prices and offer free, no obligation appraisals so you can get your money as soon as possible.

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We break down the process of trading or selling your car in Denver:

  1. Bring in your car to our Denver location.
  2. Get a formal offer in writing. There’s no obligation, plus it’s fast and free!
  3. Sell your car. Finish the sale, trade your car in, or you can always take time to mull it over. If you decide to trade your car in, we can apply the offer price to your purchase of a used car.

If you have the title of your vehicle, we can pay you on the spot.

Bank have your title? We will payoff your loan and give you a check for any equity!

Why choose Cherry Creek Automotive to trade or sell your car or truck in Denver?

We’re different because our used auto appraisals are fast, free, and straight forward price for you used car, truck or SUV in Denver. There’s no obligation and no appointment needed – stop by anytime during our business hours. Our appraisers have years of experience and are ready to offer you the best price for your used car or truck in Denver.


Denver Vehicle Consignment

Cherry Creek Automotive provides you with the option to consign your car. When you consign your car with Cherry Creek Automotive, the hassle of selling your car is removed. There’s no need to deal with rude negotiators, unfamiliar people coming to your home, or troublesome phone calls. We cover all aspects of selling your car, from start to finish. Financing, paperwork, and payoff of your car or truck is all covered through us. We work with the buyer to arrange financing and offer warranties to ensure they are well taken care of. We even accommodate for trade-ins, so that the buyer can purchase the vehicle as soon as possible.

Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, with over 75 years of combined experience, have a thorough understanding of the auto market and can get you the best price for your car in a fast and efficient manner. We make a personalized and unique YouTube video of your car and submit it to high quality search engines. Your car is also listed on over 20 popular automotive websites so it is sold quickly and you get paid for it fast. Did we mention there are no consignment listing fees?

If you’re looking to sell, trade-in, or consign your used car or truck, contact the experts in the industry – Cherry Creek Automotive. Call us at 303-388-8599 or stop by. You’ll find us at 3620 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206.


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